SKyle Johnson

Writer, teacher, activist, theologian, pilgrim.

My work dwells where the spiritual meets the political. This, to me, means working to make sense of faith, society, human bodies, in all our overlapping dimensions: How we worship, how we vote, how we treat one another, how we pray.

These are the points of interconnection that goad my work. I write, I teach, I consult, I travel and explore, and sometimes preach and minister. I have a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology.

I am currently a PhD Candidate in Systematic Theology at Boston College.  My dissertation focuses on the viability of demonology in modern and contemporary theology, analyzed in light of

post-colonial and critical race perspectives.

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Recent Presentations
"What does a Demon Look Like?" Presentation for Mystical Theology Network Annual Meeting. Boston, MA. February 2019. 
"Who our Highways Have Taught us to Love." Paper presented at American Academy of Religion panel on Architecture and the Common Good. Denver, CO. November 2018.
"The Mystical Body and the Black Christ." Paper presented at the Mystical Theology Network Annual Meeting. Leuven, Belgium. June 2018. 
"‘Trapped in a History Which They Do Not Understand:’ Reading James Baldwin with Thomas Merton, Toward a Spiritual-Theological Interpretation of Mass Incarceration.” Presentation for panel on mass incarceration, featuring Michelle Alexander and Walter Fluker, at the American Academy of Religion. Boston, MA. November, 2017.

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