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E-LEarning Support

I would love to help you with your e-learning project. Here are some things I offer, but I will always work with you to determine a personalized plan that fits your goals and needs.

Let's start a conversation! 

Course Conversion

Do you have a course on one platform that needs to be converted to another? I have with many different learning platforms and can make the conversion  quick and painless. If the project requires any creative revisions to account for differences in the platform, I can also help with consulting and redesigning courses.

Examples: Kajabi to Udemy, LearnDash to Thinkific. 

Quality Review

Do you have an outline, draft, or full course in need of review? I will review the course both from the perspective of an instructional designer and as a student to provide detailed feedback on the organization, language, navigation, and more. 

Course Content Creation

Do you have an idea for a course but don't have time to write the content? I can help get you started with a description and an outline, or take you the full way with written content, scripts, and activities/assignments. 

Full Course Development

This comprehensive approach involves working closely to design and create your course from start to finish. 

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